Participatory Public Art

Artist Lynn Takata creates mosaics, sculpture and murals with children, families and neighborhoods to build tangible symbols of community pride. She has created over 300 public artworks with concrete, tile, glass, ceramic and paint involving hundreds of participants.  Participants create their own designs and she choreographs these elements as the design develops. It is a dynamic and exciting improvisational process that creates meaningful public spaces.

Thank you so much for the lovely workshop this weekend. It was so well done, and you do a really amazing job working with folks that struggle more with the creative process, I appreciate your thoughtful and encouraging methods...

I also really appreciate you working so patiently with the students who are learning how to participate, how to work as a group, and how to be proactive.
— Professor Amy Larson, Portland State University
Detail, Salem Peace Mosaic. 

Detail, Salem Peace Mosaic.