River Mosaics

A wildlife viewpoint was created for the restoration of Johnson Creek.  Artwork included a 50' long concrete  river with inlaid mosaics highlighting the region's native flora and fauna. The restoration of Johnson Creek changed the course of the river, terraced the riverbank, planted riparian habitat, created a floodplain and enhanced wildlife habitat.


Johnson Creek's new course, terraced riverbank and floodplain restoration.

River Mosaics at the Schweitzer wildlife viewpoint in Portland, Oregon.

Lynn is a fantastic artist that has a unique way of capturing the essence of her surroundings. Her work for us along Johnson Creek beautifully represents the natural area, and connects the passing public with the natural features all around them.
— Dean Marriott, Director, Portland Bureau of Environmental Services

Cutthroat trout and steelhead mosaic sidewalk for wildlife viewpoint